weirdo kitties II.



the last one killed me

LMFAAOOOOO “i’m $300,000 in debt”

long post
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Under no circumstances can I say this is not ridiculously funny.

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secret government agent: tell me right now, do aliens smoke weed

mulder: [tied to a chair in a dark room] i wont ever tell you this

secret government agent: *punches mulder in the face* what kind of weed do aliens smoke

mulder: *spits blood on the agent*

secret government agent: where can i buy this dank ass space weed

mulder: fuck you

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where is iowa anyway


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y’all should know i’m a super fukcing lightweight and i’m pretyt fucking drunk right now 


Okay no. This is terrible. Guys. I really, REALLY need you to raise some awareness on the riots in Scotland. Violence has broken out. Videos have come out of voters kicking and attacking each other. There’s alleged (I use the word alleged as I am not sure) stabbings and an attack with the weapon being the hammer. 

Glasgow City Centre is absolutely rife with violence. Scotland did not vote for violence, riots and absolute shameful acts of hatred in this country. People are being attacked, it’s dangerous and the fact that this isn’t being broadcasted whatsoever baffles me. Not really actually, due to a bias. 

Just, please. Raise awareness. Reblog this. Those in Scotland, stay safe. As much as it is ridiculous to say, yes badges, stickers? Take them off! Saltires, don’t make them visible. Do not engage with any rioters. Just please be safe!

This is only one picture of what’s happening. I won’t even link the videos. It’s disgusting.




i want to put an inspirational message on this picture


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I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything.
Charles Darwin, 1 October, 1861  (via mirroir)

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